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In the Making: Sartory Billard SB08 Jump Hour and Minutes with Tourbillon

"About the Sartory-Billard SB08 jumping hours and jumping minutes project, as we are eager to launch the subscription series with 12 dedicated collectors. With our mechanical development underway and a committed team in place, we now seek your support and funding to bring this project to fruition." Armand Billard

Each participant will be intimately involved throughout the two-year development process, including exclusive visits to the manufacturing and supplier facilities where the SB08 will take shape.

Sartory-Billard has assembled a team with Mathieu as the mechanical developper and Maarten the lead prototype maker (transforming 3D designs in real metal for the last two decades for major brands) while the making of the parts will be done at the new Sartory-Billard manufacture in Sainte Croix managed by Christophe a very capable director with 25 years of experience in the industry.

Sartory-Billard don’t use the term “in house” because watchmaking is all about getting forces from specialists that can have their own company / been freelance, but let’s put it this way : Sartory-Billard is now in a position to develop its own movements and specially the SB08 one.

This makes this project even more exciting!

12 members for souscription at 100kCHF