The man behind : Bridging Worlds with a Passion for Horology and People

Our founder, Maximilien Roussel-Galle, embodies a unique blend of worldly experiences and an unyielding passion for horology that define the essence of Luxogood.

Hailing from Morteau, one of the cradles of watchmaking, Maximilien was drawn back to the captivating world of watches after his globe-trotting adventures in the French Navy. His roots finally tethered him back to the Jura mountains area, in watch wonderland, igniting a fervor to channel his energy and vision into Luxogood.

His journey across continents bestowed upon him a remarkable skill – an innate ability to connect with people in a genuine, down-to-earth manner. This skill, cultivated through personal interactions from diverse cultures and backgrounds, forms the bedrock of Luxogood's values. At its core lies a commitment to transparent relationships and an unwavering focus on the human connection.

Maximilien firmly believes that honesty and authentic connections are the keystones to success. It's this belief that permeates Luxogood's DNA, shaping a culture where sincerity and genuine relationships with customers, artisans, and partners stand paramount.

His commitment to placing humanity at the center of every interaction defines Luxogood's ethos. Through his unwavering determination, Maximilien is steering Luxogood and his team towards a horizon where craftsmanship and genuine connections converge.


Unveiling a Timeless Vision: Uniting Artisans and Giving them the Light they Deserve

At Luxogood, the mission has been clear since our inception in 2020: to curate the most exclusive treasures in watchmaking and champion independent artists, even, for some of them, before they establish their brands.

Our commitment lies in showcasing creations that transcend mainstream distribution, highlighting limited productions and unique pieces revered by horology insiders and collectors, thus far beyond the reach of ordinary watch enthusiasts.

Central to our philosophy is amplifying these artists' voices and values by narrating their journeys, ensuring they receive the recognition they rightly deserve. Upholding excellence, every creator featured at Luxogood undergoes rigorous evaluation by a selective panel of esteemed watchmakers.

It's about honoring craftsmanship, storytelling, and supporting independent artists' ascent to acclaim.


Watchmakers United by Luxogood : Transforming Watchmaking into a Team sport !

Watchmakers United is the conclusion (or is it ?) of this journey. It serves as a beacon for both seasoned and emerging independent watchmakers. We're more than a platform; we're a community celebrating craftsmanship, diversity, and collaboration.

Immerse yourself in our curated selection of exceptional timepieces, transcending norms to empower individual expression. Forge direct connections with artisans, engaging in discussions that unravel the artistry behind each masterpiece.

Our ethos revolves around unity, diversity, and supporting watchmakers from various backgrounds and price points. We champion authenticity and transparency, amplifying small-scale artisans and granting them the recognition they deserve.

Beyond a distribution channel, we're sparking a movement, changing the narrative in the watch industry or actually reviving the real narrative ! By uniting talent under a prestigious platform, we're rewriting the rules.

Watchmakers United signifies a shift towards craftsmanship, collaboration, and community. Join us as we celebrate a new era in watchmaking and the People behind all these amazing creations.