Lotus Collector Set  

Lotus Central Tourbillon

  • Limited Edition 18 pieces
  • Reference KXWLT21
  • 45 mm grade 5 titanium case with black DLC treatment
  • 5-day power reserve central tourbillon
  • Black dial, rhodium plated hour markers with white and yellow Super-LumiNova®
  • CHF 80'000

A Serene collaboration

The Lotus Central Tourbillon timepiece, a collaborative creation by Marco Tedeschi and Alain Silberstein, skillfully crafted by Kross Studio, is a poetic tribute to serenity. Drawing inspiration from the profound wisdom of Eastern traditions, it captures the essence of tranquility and elegance in its design.

KS 7'000 caliber

The timepiece is equipped with our in-house KS 7'000 caliber. Conceived by Marco Tedeschi, this caliber stems from a desire to craft a horological complication with a notable power reserve. The central positioning of the regulator and the tourbillon is the result of the substantial space taken up by the impressive oversized barrel, that affords the Lotus Central Tourbillon a 5-day power reserve.

A symbolic tourbillon cage

The central tourbillon cage sets the stage for innumerable and creative iterations, this time: a delicate lotus flower. Made of polished grade 5 titanium, its five parts have been machined and hand-finished entirely in Kross Studio manufacture.

Kross Studio Lotus Tourbillon SIR.jpg

Peripheral time display

The time is elegantly presented through the peripheral hour and minute display, gracefully orbiting 360 degrees around the tourbillon. A 12-factor gear ratio allows the planetary minutes system to empower the progression of the hours.

In order to optimize the movement’s efficiency as much as possible, the hour and minute display system is fixed on two very wide and high-precision ball bearings. This cyclical and harmonious rhythm mirrors the lifecycle of the lotus, offering a poetic reflection on the passage of hours, minutes, and seconds. It serves as a perpetual reminder to cherish each precious moment.

Imaginary dial

Referring to the dial, the primary components of the movement have been hand-brushed in a circular pattern originating from the center, treated in black to accentuate the impression of a lotus serenely floating on still waters. The open petal forms not only enhance the aesthetic but also permit rays of light to delicately pierce through the lotus petals, unveiling the watch's myriad secrets and lending an aura of enchantment.

45mm titanium case

Housed in a 45mm grade 5 titanium case protected by a black DLC treatment, the lotus blossoms under a sapphire dome.

Collector Set Lotus

Ingenious functionalities

Winding the watch and setting the time are effortlessly achieved using the "D-ring crown" on the case back and the "Time Set" push button, strategically positioned at 3 o'clock along the watch's edge. This push button, embodying Silberstein's distinctive bold graphic style, is intricately engraved and filled with a vibrant yellow lacquer, adding a touch of invigorating flair to the design.

This system not only maintains design symmetry and enhances comfort compared to a traditional crown, but it also facilitates quicker winding, adding a practical touch to the overall experience.

On the case back, engravings of red circles align with the Kross Studio logo in a testament to this unique partnership between the Swiss design studio and Alain Silberstein, famed designer.

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Interchangeable Straps

The watch comes with two versatile straps: one crafted from black leather lined with rubber, and the other made entirely of black rubber. The straps can be easily changed thanks to our interchangeable strap system, facilitated by two quick-release buttons conveniently placed on the underside of the case, allowing for seamless customization based on individual preferences.

The fundamental totem

The watch comes with a unique handcrafted art piece seamlessly combining visual allure with functionality, crafted specifically for this collaboration. The Totem comprises stacked forms, featuring a blue triangle, yellow square, and red circle interpreted in three dimensions. The Lotus Central Tourbillon finds its designated space within a compartment seamlessly integrated into the vibrant yellow cube.

Image Full .png

Height 315mm (12.4 inches) Diameter 117mm (4.6 inches) Material Aluminum and wood Weight 5kg (174.8 ounces)

In the set

  • Lotus Tourbillon watch
  • The Totem functional sculpture
  • Set of two straps
  • Owner's book
  • Microfiber cloth and gloves

International Warranty: Register your product online and be granted an extra 3-year warranty. It will extend the original 2-year warranty of the Lotus Central Tourbillon watch to 5 years.


Kross Studio Lotus Tourbillon PRF.jpg

KROSS STUDIO - Collector Set Lotus

CHF 80,000

Kross Studio

Kross Studio